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There is a lot of content that I consume each week on topics such as design, web strategy, SEO, and productivity. Some of it is posted to my various social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. A few of those posts stand out more than the others. Here are some of last weeks favorites.

A little transparency can go a long way. “Your Product is a Piece of Sh#t”: How My Company Responded To This Tweet”

I love tools and hacks, anything to help me do my job better, faster and with less stress. Here are “61 Best Social Media Tools for Small Business.” You can usually find a gem when given this many.

Great advice can come from the most unlikely of sources. And with it may come with the realization that what you are doing now is probably wrong. Read about it in, “The best sales advice I ever got was from a surfer dude.”

I hope you find these favorite weekly posts helpful. Follow me online to see more posts throughout the week.

This weeks photograph is from early morning at Point Mallard Park in Decatur, Alabama. This tent looks isolated in a field. Never mind that there were 20 tents directly behind me when I took the photo.

Shawn Wright

Shawn Wright

Principal and Owner at Shawn Wright Designs
Shawn Wright is a graphic designer and podcaster living in Birmingham, Alabama. You can find his design work at shawnwright.net. He is also the producer and host of the Shades Cahaba Oral History Project podcast (shadescahabahistory.com) and has a few other shows currently in production.
Shawn Wright
Shawn Wright

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