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There is a lot of content that I consume each week on topics such as design, web strategy, SEO, and productivity. Some of it is posted to my various social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. A few of those posts stand out more than the others. Here are some of last weeks favorites.

“How Old Is Too Old to Start a Business? The Answer May Surprise You.” As far as I am concerned you are never too old.

I’m a big fan of Inbox Zero, where the goal is to get your email Inbox to zero. It’s all about processing your inbox. Give it a try. “How I Got Inbox Zero Every Single Night This Week” a post from The Muse

I love the automation that IFTTT gives me. IFTTT stands for If This Then That and is a great service. Here is a list of “The 101 Best IFTTT Recipes” to get you started.

and one from Shawn Wright Digital Marketing.

“And when we’re done, it’s time for fun!” A Mantra To Start Your Day.

I hope you find these favorite weekly posts helpful. Follow me online to see more posts throughout the week.

The photo is a view of Birmingham, Alabama from Railroad Park.

Shawn Wright

Shawn Wright

Principal and Owner at Shawn Wright Designs
Shawn Wright is a graphic designer and podcaster living in Birmingham, Alabama. You can find his design work at shawnwright.net. He is also the producer and host of the Shades Cahaba Oral History Project podcast (shadescahabahistory.com) and has a few other shows currently in production.
Shawn Wright
Shawn Wright

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