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UPDATE March 2021: This post is one of my most visited and has outdated information. It also ranks pretty highly in Google search. This needed an update. I confirmed with Alabama Media Group and press releases can be emailed directly to news@al.com for consideration. The current Vice President of Content is Kelly Ann Scott.

Those of use in marketing and PR have ways that we submit information to these newspapers but things are changing. A lot of this content is now going online and we will be submitting it online, specifically to AL.com.

This can be good for your company. Submissions through AL.com have a better chance of being seen and picked up by editors to use as reference in print. Kevin Wendt, Vice President of Content at the Alabama Media Group posted an article on AL.com explaining how we can submit content to them. He gives five simple ways to submit content:

  1. Share Stories and Photos by submitting them to photos@al.com
  2. Set up a profile so your organization can have its own byline. Do this at al.com/register
  3. List your event in the event tracker database at al.com/myevent
  4. Share a photo. Most people seem to have smartphones which mean most people have a camera with them at all times. Upload yours to al.com/photos or use the apps available at the Apple or Google stores.
  5. Post a press release at al.com/business

Here’s another tip: When you are submitting content make sure you send a photo to be included. Do you have video? AL.com will take that as well. Make sure you read Kevin’s article for further tips.

Content creation is an important part of marketing and we are always looking for other channels. We have our blogs, Twitter and Facebook accounts but sharing this content through other channels such as AL.com will only make you more relevant in todays business climate.

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