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I have worked with a lot of different people in my 25+ years in communications. These people have worked for a diverse group of companies as well. These companies have run the gamut of industries, from healthcare to manufacturing, from software to hardware, from construction to government. I have worked for companies with thousands of employees to a company with one. What is unique about them is that they all had a story to tell.

This journey has helped me define who my best client is.

My best client is a small company, which is generally 100 employees or less. These companies are not start-ups but have been in business for awhile. They have been growing and have probably hit a wall with their communications. They did great at first but they realize their business demands more of their attention and that it’s time to call in an expert.

A company in this situation will usually look for an in-house marketing manager. Unfortunately the budget may dictate that they hire someone with little experience. Even still, once you add salary, taxes and health benefits it can get pricey.

Another company might call a full-service ad agency. There are many truly wonderful agencies to choose from, locally and regionally, but if you don’t have the budget you don’t get the A-team. It’s simple business, the bigger client gets more attention. As the company grows, an ad agency might be the place to go, but not now.

My best client may come from a handful of industries.

They may come from the financial industry.These could be banks, investment services, insurance companies and refinancing companies. They will come from the healthcare industry such as hospitals, medical practices and pharmaceutical companies.

The technology industry covers a lot of ground from software to hardware manufacturers. The technology my be developed for financial institutions or healthcare making it an even better fit.

My best client might be a manufacturer. A company with a truly great product and they want to ship more units to other businesses or consumers. They have perfected their product and they need help getting the word out.

My best client might be you.

If you think we might be a good fit or you would like to know more about MarketCloud, let’s start a conversation. If you know someone who you think could be my best client have them contact me. I’m sure we could help you.

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Shawn Wright

Shawn Wright

Principal and Owner at Shawn Wright Designs
I have been in the advertising and marketing for over 30 years and now spend my time helping clients by creating websites and building their brand. I am a husband and father of two boys and I spend way too much time in the woods with the Boy Scouts.
Shawn Wright
Shawn Wright

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