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Wood Badge is an advanced adult leadership training program in the Boy Scouts. It was started by Baden Powell in 1919 and has been updated and refined most recently as Wood Badge for the 21st Century. I have been lucky enough to be a participant as well as a a staff member.

My favorite part of the entire course is the presentation given about priorities. This is a talk that Stephen Covey has made famous, showing why you should place emphasis on your priorities. You can view it here on YouTube. 

I was reminded of this speech while reading the Great Leaders Serve blog.

Mark Miller writes about how he is already working on next years calendar, putting those big rocks in place now before he starts filling in all the nooks and crannies with unnecessary or unproductive tasks.

If you are like me you love to work. You probably also have hobbies and sports and any other number of things in your life. Maybe you have children? I do and they take up a good bit of my time. They are also a top priority for me. If I don’t focus on my top priorities it is too easy for me to over-extend and not keep focus.

I do think I do a pretty good job handling my priorities but as life gets busier and more complex those priorities tend to slip. This year I plan to follow Mark Miller’s lead by adding my big rocks to next years calendar. This will help me to stay focused and ultimately help me to do more and be more productive.

Shawn Wright
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