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Fortified Exteriors of America

‚ÄčProject Overview:

Fortified Exteriors of America is a company specializing in the installation of premium fortified roofs designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. The client sought a logo that would not only reflect the superior quality and durability of their roofing products but also align with the parent company’s brand identity.

Design Concept:

Drawing inspiration from the parent company’s brand colors, I created a logo that seamlessly integrates these hues to maintain brand consistency. The centerpiece of the design is a banner featuring a castle tower, symbolizing the strength and resilience of Fortified Exteriors of America’s roofing solutions. The castle tower motif underscores the impenetrable nature of their roofs, conveying a sense of security and protection.

Design Elements:

  • Colors: The color palette is derived from the parent company’s branding, ensuring cohesion across all marketing materials.
  • Iconography: The castle tower and banner elements evoke a sense of fortification and durability, key attributes of the company’s roofing products.
  • Typography: The font choice complements the brand’s strong and reliable image, ensuring legibility and a professional appearance.


The final logo design successfully encapsulates the core values of Fortified Exteriors of America, providing a visual representation of the product’s robustness and the company’s commitment to quality. This logo is now prominently featured in the company’s marketing materials, reinforcing their brand identity and appeal to their target market.