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UAB Honors College Annual Report 2022-2023

For the 2022-2023 academic year, I had the privilege of designing the annual report for the UAB Honors College. This report, themed “Set Your World On Fire,” showcases the remarkable contributions and achievements of Honors College students as they served their community and school.

Project Highlights:

Dynamic Visuals: The design captures the energy and passion of the students, featuring vibrant colors and dynamic layouts that reflect the theme.

Student Spotlights: Each section highlights individual students and groups, detailing their service projects and impact.

Community Engagement: Through powerful imagery and compelling storytelling, the report emphasizes the deep connection between the Honors College and the broader community.

Interactive Elements: The digital version of the report includes interactive elements, making the content engaging and accessible.

This project demonstrates my ability to blend creative design with meaningful storytelling, delivering a comprehensive and visually compelling annual report.