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UAB Honors College Flame

As part of annual report project, I created a new logo to encapsulate their theme, “Set your world on fire.” Previously, they used images of campfires to visually represent this theme. The objective was to create a unique, modern logo that conveyed the idea of igniting passion and knowledge.

To create a logo that resonated with the theme, I integrated the letters “H” and “C” (Honors College) into the design of a flame. This not only reinforced the theme but also created a distinctive and memorable visual identity for the college.

Key Design Elements:

  • Symbolism: The flame symbolizes passion, enlightenment, and transformation, aligning perfectly with the Honors College’s mission.
  • Typography: The letters “H” and “C” were seamlessly incorporated into the flame design, ensuring the logo remained cohesive and easy to recognize.
  • Color Scheme: Warm, vibrant colors were chosen to reflect the energy and enthusiasm of the Honors College community.

Challenges: One of the challenges was to ensure that the logo remained clear and impactful even when scaled down. This required careful attention to detail and iterative design adjustments.

Outcome: The new logo has been enthusiastically received by the UAB Honors College. It effectively communicated its theme and mission, providing a strong and inspiring visual identity. The logo is now prominently featured in their marketing materials, fostering a sense of pride and unity within the Honors College community.