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I have had more than one client express a desire in having an iPhone App produced for their company. When I ask what it will do most can’t answer. What value will the app give your company? Will it drive traffic to your website? Will it help your customers do their job better? Or is it just a portal to the website?

When it comes to an app it has to be something special to earn a place on my iPhone. I have six pages of apps, There are 14 folders with multiple apps broken down into categories such as productivity, music, fitness and photography. My front page is reserved for the most used apps. The ones that bring me the most value and help me to do my job better.

It surprised me to see that local construction aggregate producer Vulcan Materials has launched an app. This app calculates asphalt, ready mix or aggregate for construction jobs. This app helps builders do their job better and easier, clear and simple. There is no heavy sell and can be used with any construction aggregate company.

Vulcan Materials had a plan. They produced something of value and gave it away. I expect they will get many orders in return.

What about those companies that want an app but don’t have a plan. Most really just want to drive traffic to the site, a portal. There is an easy and cheap way to do this on the iPhone.

1. Using your Safari browser on your iPhone find your web page.

iPhone Icon Step 1


2. Click the box with the arrow coming out of it at the bottom of the screen.

iPhone Icon Step 2

3.¬†You should see a box that says “Add to Home Screen”. Click this.

iPhone Icon Step 3


4. You will get a chance to label your button.


5. Press Add and there you have it.

iPhone Icon Step 4


You can even have a custom button embedded in your website code that will show up instead of a screen shot of your website.

I wish I had known about Vulcan’s app a month ago. I guesstimated and over bought aggregate for a home project. This app would have been invaluable.

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