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Absorbable Polymers Display

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Absorbable Polymers, a leading supplier in the biodegradable polymers industry, to create a comprehensive promotional package that included a visually compelling brochure and a cohesive trade show display. This project aimed to highlight their innovative polymer-based technologies and products, specifically tailored for the drug delivery and medical device sectors.


  • Increase Brand Visibility: Enhance brand presence and recognition at trade shows.
  • Product Promotion: Effectively communicate the benefits and applications of their biodegradable polymers.
  • Consistent Branding: Ensure visual consistency across both the brochure and the trade show display.

Design Process

  • Research and Concept Development: Understanding the client’s product offerings, target audience, and industry trends to develop a design concept that resonates with their brand values.
  • Brochure Design: Crafted a visually engaging brochure that showcased Absorbable Polymers’ products. The design included detailed product descriptions, high-quality images, and technical specifications, all laid out in a clean and professional format.
  • Trade Show Display Design: Designed a trade show display that complemented the brochure, featuring large graphics, key product highlights, and brand messaging. The display was designed to attract attention and facilitate easy engagement with potential clients.

Design Features

  • Visual Appeal: Utilized a modern and clean design aesthetic with a focus on high-impact visuals.
  • Brand Colors and Imagery: Incorporated Absorbable Polymers’ brand colors and imagery to ensure brand consistency.
  • Information Hierarchy: Organized content to guide readers through the brochure logically, making complex information easily digestible.


The brochure and trade show display were well-received by Absorbable Polymers and effectively boosted their visibility at the trade show. The cohesive design approach helped establish a strong brand presence and facilitated meaningful interactions with industry professionals.