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Birmingham Olympic Soccer Website

Whenever I speak with a potential client, I mention my web bona fides by letting them know that I have been designing websites since the mid-1990s. For those of you keeping score, this is when the commercial internet took off, and companies had the technology, and incentive, to create their own websites. From time to time, I get the feeling that they don’t believe me.

2021 was the 25th Anniversary of the Atlanta Olympic Games and Olympic soccer in Birmingham. I had the privilege of designing a website for the Birmingham games. What is special about it to me is that Atlanta was the first Olympic website created, and Birmingham was the second.

I came across a picture in the Birmingham Olympic Soccer newsletter of the website. I wanted to celebrate this website and post it on my portfolio page. It wasn’t the first one I created, but it was the most important websites I made by that time.

You can read the blog post about this website being featured in the Birmingham News at https://shawnwright.net/the-internet-olympics-1996/.

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