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I don’t make any money from my podcast. I have had the occasional listener send me a tip by PayPal, or they buy one of my books online, but I really don’t make any money doing it. And that’s the way it was supposed to be. When people ask why I put the time and effort into creating the podcast, my first answer is that I enjoy doing it. Then I tell them I always hope that someone will hear an episode and think because you did this, I will give you money to do something else. And this is exactly what happened with the book Flawed Good People by playwright Hubert Grissom. 

Hubert bought a copy of Alabama Short Stories on Amazon.com when it was recommended while searching for books. He had written and staged five civil rights era theme plays and was looking for a way to publish them as a resource for those interested in staging one. So out of the blue, I got a call from Tampa, Florida. Hubert wanted me to design his book.

All the plays feature flawed people. Good people but flawed. Two of the plays, “Winston Drive Big Jim” and “Jamelle, Alabama’s Teenage First Lady,” feature former Alabama Governor “Big Jim” Folsom. He was a good man, and he had his own flaws. I used a picture of Big Jim as my stand-in for all the flawed people in the book. I didn’t want to show his whole face, and having just his eyes above the bottom of the book makes him look a little sheepish, and he doesn’t want to be completely seen.

The book is now for sale on Amazon.com in hardback and paperback versions, and if you like plays, or are interested in producing plays, make sure you pick up a copy. 

I have been designing more books lately, and I can thank my podcast for that. Search for the Alabama Short Stories podcast and give it a listen. If you like what you hear, maybe there is a project you would like to work with me on. At least, that is the way it is been working for me lately.

How podcasting increased my book design business

by Shawn Wright | From Paste-Up To Pixels